Having lived in Nashville for over 25 years and worked with countless top recording artists in my career, I frequently get asked, “What was your favorite show you’ve ever worked?” That’s always a tough, if not impossible, question, as I’ve seen the best – Garth Brooks, George Strait, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert and so many others who put on amazing shows. However, if I break it down to what my absolute favorite type of show is, well that’s easy. A songwriter round. Often called Songwriters in the Round, which was made popular by the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. Songwriters sitting together, trading songs and stories, like what would happen in a writing session, on a front porch, or by a camp fire. Some of the best performances I’ve ever seen in my life are from the songwriters themselves, who have written hit songs for the biggest artists in the world in country, pop, and rock music, including the ones mentioned above.

It’s not only a unique experience to witness a high-end songwriter round in action, but it’s fun to watch the guests who have never seen one before and their reactions to it. First comes the, “I thought the artists wrote these songs!” or “THIS person wrote that song!” So there’s the revelation that Kenny, Tim, Blake, Carrie, etc. didn’t actually write that big #1 hit themselves.

The second revelation is the incredible stories behind each of these songs, which the songwriters share before performing them. A peak behind the curtain of the music industry and the stories behind the songs. Always fascinating, fun, intimate, and inspiring. People laughing and crying are not uncommon within the same show.

Third, it becomes very obvious just how incredibly talented the songwriters are. Many are more talented than the artists who recorded their songs. People end up liking the songwriter’s version more than the one they know from the radio or from streaming. I know I do.

And I shouldn’t really call it a “show” or a “concert.” It’s an experience to take part in. No two are ever the alike, even with the same songwriters. It’s spontaneous, authentic, engaging, and memorable. Many times the audience can even take part. So there’s a lot of connection happening for the guests – to the songs, to the stories, and to the songwriters themselves. It’s something you take part in and take with you when you leave. That makes it even more special and memorable.

When it’s done right, the songwriter experience is undoubtably the best entertainment in Nashville, but honestly, it’s the best music experience I’ve seen anywhere.

I’m thankful that Songwriter City is doing it right, by making this experience more famous and accessible to anyone, anywhere around the country, by curating these special songwriter rounds. Event and meeting planners, DMC’s, hotels, venues, resorts, and companies are discovering this door to booking corporate, private, and public events. As a result, more people are getting to experience these premier songwriters and their incredible talents and gifts. I’m grateful for that because these songwriters are the true talent and champion of songs. They understand the power of songs and without a great song there wouldn’t be recording artists or the music we love to live are lives to. Songwriters deserve to be known and celebrated!

For more information on how to bring a one-of-a-kind songwriter experience to you and your group or organization, for both in-person and virtual events, you can contact info@songwritercity.com.