Having been in Nashville for over 20 years now, I’ve had the opportunity to attend many Tin Pan South Songwriters Festivals, which just concluded their 25th annual event last week. The packed five nights of over 300 writers, at ten different venues, allow songwriters to share their compelling stories of inspiration and heartbreak behind their songs and give the audience a unique look behind the creative curtain. It’s a community celebration of songwriters everywhere and of the Songwriting Capital of the World – Nashville.

Over the years I’ve witnessed countless Tin Pan South songwriter rounds of top names with the biggest hits and also talented emerging songwriters who are searching for their first big break. I recall conversations at past shows with songwriters who were relatively new to town and didn’t have a performance slot, who are now some of the biggest names in the songwriting world. I’ve seen multi-genre songwriters deliver incredible performances and tell fascinating stories behind their songs and about their songwriting journey.

It was no different this year. The level of talent was exceptional and a spirit of songwriter celebration was thick in the air. And that’s what I love the most – the celebration of the heart and soul of music – the lifeblood of our entire existence as an art form and a business. The songwriters who come to town with a gift and a dream, to the city of songwriter dreams.

It’s an honor to be a small part of this special community and do whatever is in my ability to shine the deserving spotlight on their immense talent. To increase their value and to bring more awareness to the masses. Songwriter City was born to celebrate the songwriter and it’s never been more apparent to me than last week at Tin Pan South.

Thanks to the Nashville Songwriters Association International for everything they do for songwriters around the world and for being the catalyst behind Tin Pan South. To all the sponsors who help put the festival on as well. It was yet another magical week of memories and I’m already looking forward to next year.

— mike